Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge is opened now

Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge is opened now
Hi everyone, today I will introduce a Mega project which must be very interesting for all ESRs of INFRASTAR project.
This week, the world's longest bridge 'Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge' is opened officially. This bridge will connect three chinese cities: ZhuHai (in GuangDong province), Macau and Hong Kong. 4 hours drive will be shortened to half an hour.

The 'sea-based' project bridge is about 55 km long. There are 3 main 'towers'
The 'sail tower' meaning 'bon boyage' The 'Dolphin Towers' symbolizing ecological harmony. The 'Chinese Knots' celebrating connection of the three cities.  Two artificial islands link sections of the bridge with a 6.7 km undersea tunnel. The components of the bridge were pre-fabricated on production lines, shipped to the sea and assembled on site  33 tunnel elements were precast in 53 months without a single cracks. This is a really young bridge. I have …

My road taken during the first year.

Happy new year everyone! I have learned a lot during my first year. I participated some workshops and trainings. I worked together with Antoine(ESR2), Joyraj(ESR3) and Imane(ESR4). Team work is really important. In 2018, I will focus on writing some papers and participate some conferences. Bye 2017

INFRASTAR Second Training Week at EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland

INFRASTAR Training Week #2 In November, we went to EPFL (école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) for our second training week of INFRASTAR project. During this training week, we presented our previous result and progress but we focus on discussing our future plan: what we will do during the following years, how we cooperate with other ESRs.
Welcome to the training week
#DAY 1# Group Discussion  Visit bridge made with UHPFRC #DAY 2#
#DAY 3#
My presentation

 #DAY 4#
MR Ernst Niederleithinger gave us a course about signal analysing.
Mr Marek Salamak gave us one of the most interesting lecture.
then we eat fondue together.

 #DAY 5#
What 'spirit' should we have for team working and project management.
We spent a great time together, I am so happy to meet all the ESRs again. And I learned a lot during the second training week. I can't wait for the next training week. Thanks to Mr Eugen Brühwiler for organising this event. See you next year.

TEAM-TAG (Team day) with my colleague.

This month, I went to the zoo with my colleagues during the team day.
I really enjoy my work in BAM. I like the working environment. My colleagues are so nice. My boss is so nice. It is not only my 'work' but also my 'life'. And I also have some new result, I compared it with Ernst(my supervisor)'s result. Now I am waiting for Joy(ESR3)'s new filter. 

Experiment on BLEIB structure and PhD day in BAM

Experiment on BLEIB structure.
This month, we did some test on the BLEIB structure in BAM. There are 14 embedded ultrasonic sensors inside the concrete. 
PdD day. Me, Imane,  Joy and LiJia, we participated the PhD day in BAM.  We prepared 2 posters to present our PhD topics and INFRASTAR projet.

My secondment in IFSTTAR-Nantes

Because I am in the European project 'INFRASTAR'. Each ESR should leave their host-labo and go to another country/city to work with the other ESRs. This is the so called 'Secondment'.

So, I started my secondment and came to Nantes in April to work with ESR2 Antoine. Antoine works on fiber optics, and I work on ultrasonic sensors (CODA wave). So we will examine the complementarity of our two technologies by doing test on metric slab test.

1:  We install fiber optics and ultrasonic sensors to rebars:
2:We put the rebars into the formworks and wait for the concrete. 3: Preparation of concrete 
4: Concrete pouring
Then we need to wait for 28 days.

Who am I? Where do I come from? And what am I doing?

Hey. Everyone, welcome to my blog.I will introduce u myself and give you a quick view of my PhD topic.

Who am I? Where do I come from?
My name is Xin WANG. It is a typical Chinese name, and yes. I am from China. For the first year of my undergraduate, I studied underwater acoustics in China. Then I moved to France. I studied acoustics as an undergraduate in Université du Maine. Then, for my master, I changed my major to electronics and continued my study in Pierre and Marie Curie University.   Now I am working in a European project named  'INFRASTAR' and doing my PhD thesis in BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung), Berlin.
What am I doing? My PhD topic is 'Advanced ultrasonic instrumentation for interferometric monitoring'. So what I do is to monitor the concrete using ultrasonic sensors. But why we do this? Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world especially for the civil infrastructures. The neglecting and excessive use of the e…