INFRASTAR Second Training Week at EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland

INFRASTAR Training Week #2

In November, we went to EPFL (école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) for our second training week of INFRASTAR project. During this training week, we presented our previous result and progress but we focus on discussing our future plan: what we will do during the following years, how we cooperate with other ESRs.

Welcome to the training week
#DAY 1#
Group Discussion 
Visit bridge made with UHPFRC
#DAY 2#
#DAY 3#
My presentation

 #DAY 4#
MR Ernst Niederleithinger gave us a course about signal analysing.
Mr Marek Salamak gave us one of the most interesting lecture.
then we eat fondue together.

 #DAY 5#
What 'spirit' should we have for team working and project management.

We spent a great time together, I am so happy to meet all the ESRs again. And I learned a lot during the second training week. I can't wait for the next training week.
Thanks to Mr Eugen Brühwiler for organising this event.
See you next year.


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